Pillow talk

It's countdown to couch time and that means dressing it up a bit with pillows. Right now, I have no direction. Since the downstairs is currently a deep blue with white accents (I lost that battle), we have to try extra hard to avoid the beach theme (I won the battle of NOT hanging our beloved photograph of Block Island rocks down there). The couch is a sectional in medium-tone gray micro-boucle fabric.

So, do we want to go formal with a Dwell peacock pillow or spice shit up with the gold? Okay, I really love that gold pillow. It's a keeper.

Should we go for these beauties from Wolfum that I've been eyeing?
Should we throw in a suzani or kilim covered pillow from Sukan?
Can I just buy everything and play around? I'm tempted to get the gold, the blue Wolfum, and the suzani and see what happens. It's way too much going on. Maybe just the gold and the blue Wolfum? This is why it takes me forever to make a decision.


  1. For something so fun, pillows are really hard for me for some reason! I like all the ones you picked out except that suzani, and my favorite is the gold. I think I would like that on the gray with something strong and intense.

  2. Yeah. I'm thinking the suzani, although pretty, is a little too not me if that makes sense. That gold rocks it out of the park. I think it's the perfect blend of sophisticated but not taking life too seriously for the couch.

    Intensity ... hmmmm ... maybe a red?

    Why is this so hard?!

  3. I love the ones from Wolfum, especially the first one.

  4. Abigail, I keep visiting the Wolfum site daily to see if the items are available for purchase yet. They have so many gorgeous things!