Duke update

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I haven't really given an update on Duke since the last post. Our cardiologist spoke with her colleagues and they determined that even though he has another issue with his pulmonary artery, surgery will still be beneficial.

To tell the truth, I think Jon and I accepted whatever his fate may be. We were heartbroken but came to the conclusion that any time we have with him is amazing. He's so cool and makes us both giggle uncontrollably. If he lives 3 years, great. If he lives 10 years, even better.

Now it's back to square one ... contemplating the risks of anesthesia, etc. There's one more test that needs to be done before he's in the clear too. At this point, Jon and I want to make him as comfortable as possible. Even with surgery, his heart murmur will still be considered severe, but it will reduce the stress in half. All this time, he continues to be the same rambunctious, rebellious, funny member of our triumvirate. He's wonderful.

I love this little guy so much.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again...Duke is a lucky pup to have you!

  2. I think we feel lucky to have him too. He's taught me so much!