Hoorah for Friday

Jon's been in Toronto this week, and it's nice to have him home. We're off to Philly this weekend to stuff our faces, shop for fabric, watch a ball game, relax, etc.

So it's the middle of the month. My To-Do list due date is here. Let's see how far we came, shall we?

  1. To strip, restain, and reupholster our campaign chairs. Okay, every time I felt ambitious, the weather was horrible.

  2. To restore and reupholster the teak dining chairs. Can I mark this done? I called the upholsterer, but he's flaked.

  3. To reupholster our benches (the fabric is hiding in the closet, and I'm hiring a professional). We've decided to use the fabric in the closet for the dining chairs, which means I get to find new fabric this weekend.

  4. To buy another couch for the basement/den.

  5. To install the bookshelves!

  6. To paint the downstairs (who am I kidding?! Jon will repaint!).

  7. To choose plants lining the sidewalk.

  8. To choose plants and start seeds for our garden.

  9. To build outdoor benches. We didn't need to! We found a daybed by the curb in our neighborhood for free! A new project awaits!

  10. To build a headboard. We're still squabbling over this one. I want one. He doesn't. He's afraid it will cause the bed to stick out too much, and we'll lose floor space.

  11. To take up photography again.

  12. To go to bikram at least twice a week. Okay, so this doesn't happen every week, but it's happened, and I've figured out how to adjust my schedule so it happens more. Also, my friend and I found a Baptiste studio that we love and is our new home away from home.
Aside from all of this, we also had a great contractor install recessed lighting in the basement, outlets in the bathrooms, a security light, and a pendant lamp in our stairwell. We also planted forsythia in the front yard, bought a rug for the living room, and are about to start composting. I say it was a successful quarter!


  1. Remind me to give you the number for the guy who did our wing chairs!

  2. I think that's the guy I called, but he said he'd call before he came over and never did. I'll give him another shot!