Getting there


Isn't he a doll? A fast moving little rebel!

It always feels like it takes a long time to get back to normal after a vacation. It takes time for me to stop dreaming and get back to reality. Reality sucks sometimes, you know? My first day back to work last week, I was yelled at, had a horrible commute, cry, cry, cry ...

Jon and I did so much over the weekend even though the rains threatened to ruin our little garden parade. Jon's been taking care of the garden, and my arms are still sore from all of the trimming I did. Those shrubs get out of hand fast! Nothing a little bourbon and ginger can't fix. Back to the garden, the carrots, beans, and spinach are going crazy. My seedlings are coming along okay too. C'mon tomatoes!

Finally, that little guy up there is going to be one next Monday! Can you believe it? Then, he has surgery the following week. Hopefully, he'll be stronger than ever afterwards and feel 100 percent. It was weird to not have him around when we were on vacation. I'm so used to having him at my feet all of the time.

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