I'm back


I'm back! Our getaway was amazing, and I'm waiting for Jon to upload a few pictures before sharing all the details. Look what was waiting when we got home! Peonies and roses. This is the joy of taking over a yard that's been established for 60+ years. I couldn't kill anything if I tried! I even have little maple trees popping up in my flower beds due to years of neglect.

So we'll have a slideshow either tomorrow or Monday, but some highlights of the trip are:

  • Meeting two wonderful, new friends!

  • Hot Springs

  • Driving to Terlingua and Presidio

  • Picnic in an Airstream

  • Dinner at Miniature Rooster

  • Outdoor movies


  1. It's so cool to just walk outside and clip some flowers for an arrangement. I went a little crazy and bought a lot more seeds to plant!