It's been a long time


How do you begin to explain two weeks of ups and downs?

I’ll start with the first downer – Fire Walk With Me. Why did David Lynch do that?! Jon and I were devastated that our Twin Peaks marathon was over and had to watch the follow-up movie. Ugh! That’s all I will say. Ugh. Twin Peaks was amazing, and I’m a huge Lynch fan, but the sour taste of Fire Walk With Me is blech.

Now that I’ve purged that from my memory bank, it’s been a while. You know if that’s been the worst thing to happen, then my hiatus has been successful.

We’ve been nursing Duke back to health, which I’ll post about a little later today. We’ve experienced a little stress from the situation, but right now I feel lucky to have Jon’s support. We’re one hell of team. Unstoppable at times, really.

Plus, I’ve been listening to Lil Wayne nonstop. I don’t care. He’s the shit. How can I enjoy David Lynch and Lil Wayne you might ask? Because that’s the way it goes.

But really, the biggest high that I’m still riding is a Vinyasa yoga teacher assistant program I took this past weekend. I knew that a lot of time would be spent exploring my physical and emotional limits. When you’re assisting someone via touch, you have to consider the energy you bring into their space. Twenty-three hours in a hot room proves to be eye opening.

I’m not one to share, but I’m trying. I have always told Jon that I feel like I’m watching a television episode of my life and that I’m simply playing a character of myself. When I was in San Francisco, it was the first time in years that I saw glimmers of me … that assertive, creative, compassionate, often-called bitch, that was left behind in Roanoke 10+ years ago.

This weekend taught me truth and fearlessness. I was the base during a partner exercise (basically, the equivalent of playing airplane), and I couldn’t lift my partner up. I was telling the class that I didn’t want the responsibility of having someone trust me, and the teacher said, “maybe you don’t trust yourself.” And it’s true. Somewhere down the line, I quit.

Let’s be honest (again), this blog is an example of that. Let’s slap a theme to it. I’ll talk about home décor rather than myself. I’ll hide behind fun things I find because no one wants to hear about me, right? I’ll use Jon’s pretty pictures rather than take my own (not that I mind Jon’s pictures because they’re amazing).

Slowly, the evolution to a lifestyle blog is taking place. I like that.

Oh, and I chose the picture above for two reasons:
  • I took it during my favorite time of day in our house – early morning

  • One of my goals is to toodle around the country some more, and those flags remind of all the places Jon and I experienced together … the Grand Canyon especially, as we raced up from Flagstaff at 90 miles an hour to beat the sunset with Jon running out of the car to the edge and saying “Wow” as he stood there soaking it all in.

  • xoxo.


    1. call me a suck-up, but i'd much rather read about you!

    2. It doesn't mean anything unless you're in it. <3

    3. jessica, isn't it great ... you get real-time julie any day you want! :)

      meaghan, it took me long enough to realize that, but i'm so glad i did. thanks for the support.

    4. I really can't envision in any universe you being called a 'bitch.' and i knew-you-when! anyway, thanks for the compelling read. awesome you. Rachel

    5. Rachel, I was just thinking about you and here you are ... saying such sweet things. I sure did feel bitchy way back when, but maybe it wasn't that bad :) xoxoxo.