Slap some gray on it

You know the Portlandia video "put a bird on it?" Well, I feel like my decorating go-to is "slap some gray on it." Lately, when something needs sprucing, I get Jon to paint it gray. So gray's the hottest neutral? I'm boring myself here.

Case in point, the campaign chairs. We tried stripping them to bare wood and restaining, but there was this horrible red lacquer that wasn't worth the energy to sand off. Really, the man hours would have been astonishing because that crap was there to stay. So what do we do? SLAP SOME GRAY ON IT!


Case in point, the outdoor storage bins. We've been staring at these dilapidated bins and shelves for almost a year now. They were painted a brick red and looking haggard. We decided the bins needed to stay because the slate patio does not extend beneath them. Plus, we have no other outdoor storage. The shelves stayed too because the wood was decent, so what do we do? SLAP SOME GRAY ON IT!


Am I making fun of myself? Totally. But here's the thing, I really like the improvements. The gray adds a level of maturity to the chairs and makes them even more timeless. Meanwhile, the gray outside is bringing our house into the 21st century.

I need help though. Our life needs some color! For now, "slap some gray on it!" may become a weekly feature.

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