I’m back.
It was nice to take a break from the blogosphere and spend time thinking about my intent for this space. I read the post I left everyone with last August. Well, I read it a lot actually, and many things still ring true. Moving forward, I’m not going to post for the sake of having content. You may notice some changes. I’ve simplified everything, including links to the right. I love everyone that I previously linked to for the inspiration they gave me, but I need to create my own inspiration, you know?
Bangs, a beard & ballyhoo is now unscripted and organic.
If I feel like sharing a nugget from my yoga teacher training journey (more on that in a second), I will. If there’s a cute picture of Duke, you’ll see it. If there’s a lamp I’m dying to buy, I’ll share it. But nothing is going to be compartmentalized into weekly features or whatnot. I can’t roll like that anymore because it’s a façade. That’s not who I really am. I’m not Julie, the design aficionado any more than I’m Julie the home owner.
I’m just Julie.
That means if I’m focused on gardening, or eating, or discovering something really cool about myself, or reading, or photographing my life, or pouring over websites looking for the perfect reading lamp, or just being Julie, that’s what you’ll see. On that note, the past six months have been eye opening. I’m in the final stretch of a 200 hour yoga teacher certification, and I hope to become an apprentice at a Baptiste-affiliated studio. One major thing I’ve learned is that I am good enough to do whatever I set my mind to. Yes, it took me 32 years to figure that out. I also learned that I need to slow down and enjoy the ride instead of always focusing on the next goal. I want so badly to be the best, and I’ve been knocked on my ass recently, which is humbling. What does being the best or most popular mean anyways? It’s definitely not living authentically. Life isn’t about rushing through milestones. It’s about appreciating what you have every day. So here’s to a new Bangs, a beard & ballyhoo – a chronicle of all things beautiful that I love each day.


  1. Hi. Welcome back. It's gonna be great. <3

  2. So happy to read your thoughts again. You are such an inspiration to me. xoxo and love.

  3. So...what kind of car are you driving??? But seriously, I love your writing, Julie! I can totally relate. Time to just enjoy the present moments. I look forward to hearing about your yoga training!

  4. Hi! Thanks you all. I really appreciate it.

    @Shari - I'm saving up for the new A7. Yeah right.