When I decided to focus on this blog again, I thought that I would be posting more often. It’s a delicate balance between experiencing life on a daily basis and documenting it afterwards. There’s so many pictures on the camera and so many weekends spent taking short trips or running errands around home.
The last post I mentioned slowing down, but lately I’ve found it difficult to focus. I keep forgetting to complete little things and have a million to-do lists scattered across my desk, on my phone, taped to my wallet, etc. You can’t imagine how many times in the past month that I’ve walked into the bathroom and realized there’s one sheet left on the last roll toilet paper. What is happening? I keep blaming it on Venus and Jupiter. I am an absolute champion at multi-tasking at work, and I keep making mistakes in that capacity too. So what is on my mind?
I make it a point to focus on one thing at a time when I come home from work. I don’t even like to listen to the radio while cleaning or making dinner because I don’t want to be distracted. Silly, maybe, but it helps me appreciate the present.
So, instead of jotting down the weekly mundane tasks and categorizing my day into routines, I revisited a list of goals that I made earlier this year. Everyone keeps making 30 before 30 lists (and I’m past that mark!), but I wanted to make a life list. Nicole of Making it Lovely had a great list, that I found inspiring. So here’s a few things I look forward to accomplishing … big and small!
  •  Live in a big farmhouse
  • Drive to Alaska
  • Return to Japan
  • Own two dogs at once
  • Expand our family
  • Learn how to drive a stick successfully
  • Have an outdoor movie night
  • Go camping
  • Have a successful garden
  • Keep an orchid alive
  • Volunteer for a charity on a regular basis
  • Learn how to sew
  • Start running
  • Become a yoga teacher
  • Attend a Baptiste week-long bootcamp
  • Obtain a PMP
  • Be a regular contributor to a yoga magazine
  • Become more handy around the house
  • Open a yoga studio
  • Stop depending on recipes so much
  • Climb Mt. Washington
  • Read 20 books in a year


  1. Followed you here from Tiny Buddha. Love your life list. I have several of the same goals on my list as well. I also bought my first orchid last week. Are they hard to keep alive? The nursery where I bought it told me that not over-watering it was keep. They like a dry soil.

  2. Hi Julie! Thanks so much for visiting. Oh, the orchids ... I had two and made the mistake of getting water into the crown. Lesson learned! With my new one, I'm experiencing bud blast. I read that it's not too problematic. I don't think they are terribly hard to tend, but I'm just not careful :)